SI No. 10 The National Planning and Budgeting
Statutory Instrument No. 10 of 2014, an amendment of Statutory Instrument No. 55 of 2013  The National Planning and Budgeting Policy Analysis
Wealth and Jobs Series cover.fw PMRC policy analysis Teaching profession act
 Wealth and Jobs Series PMRC Policy Analysis of the National Health Research Act No. 2 of 2013  Policy Analysis The Teaching Profession Act No.5 of 2013
Budget analysis Tourism PB2 Cover.fw National Budget 2014
PMRC 2014 Budget Analysis – Implications of The National Budget on the Zambian Economy Efficient and effective marketing of Zambia as a globally recognised leading tourist destination The 2014 Budget Address
Energy BN Cover.fw Ceremonial State Opening of Parliament Aug 20 2013 Government Delivery Infogarphic
The State of the Energy Sector in Zambia  Ceremonial State Opening of Parliament Friday,September 20th 2013  Government Delivery Infographic
Minng BN cover..fw Ngugi Speech cover Mrs Margaret Speech cover.fw
 Mining Background Note

 Speech by Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong’o

 Speech by Mrs.Margaret Mwanakatwe – PMRC Board Chairperson
Diaspora Series cover.fw Harmanisation Series cover.fw Tourism and wealth Series cover.fw
 PMRC Diaspora Series  PMRC Harmonisation Series  PMRC Tourism Series
 NGO act cover  Higher Education cover.fw  GDI Series cover.fw
PMRC Policy Analysis of the NGO Act No. 16 of 2009  PMRC Policy Analysis Higher EducationAct No.4 2013  PMRC Government Delivery Index Series
PMRC budget Analysis cover.fw SI 55 cover.fw MCC cover.fw
Treasury Information Release on Budget Performance PMRC Policy Analysis SI No. 55 of 2013 PMRC Policy Analysis MCC ActNo. 6 of 2013
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